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Who is Janice Lierz? And Can She Help Me with Copywriting?

Copywriter + Fortune 500 Strategist + Direct Marketer = Direct Response Copywriter

Professionally, above anything else, I’m a marketer. A strategist and direct response copywriter.

I also happen to have more than 30 years of business experience… For 20 years, I climbed the corporate ladder at Fortune 500 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Pillsbury, Heublein, Frito-Lay/PepsiCo, and Whole Foods Market, where I was the president of several subsidiaries, including their direct marketing companies.

When you think direct marketing, you may already be thinking regression analysis… another form of Big Data. Do you also think about Engagement Marketing? Or Omnichannel Marketing? Okay, you may not be thinking about any of those terms. But you should be.

Right now, marketers are adding science and precision to their marketing approaches. They’re using analysis to find your prospects and customers. They’re engaging them in conversations. They’re working hard to steal them away. Their products or services may not be half as good as yours. They may not offer a portion of the value you do. Yet there they are…

I’m here to help you do something about it.

I help my clients reach their prospects and customers wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, whenever they’re looking for or buying products or services you offer—and I write copy geared to get those prospects and customers to act.

I write copy that connects and persuades.

Since 2003, I’ve been an entrepreneur and a writer—a consumer product consultant to large and smaller companies, an information marketer, a novelist, a copywriter. Picking up new strategies. Testing new vehicles. Exploring new channels. Seeing what the big and little guys are doing. And putting it all together. Hopefully, for you.

With a strong track record in B2B and B2C, I specialize in copywriting for the consumer product, retail, finance, health, and technology industries.

I write white papers, case studies, and web marketing content, including landing pages, sales letters, email campaigns, advertorials, sidebars, and all sales and marketing copy to help you generate more and better leads—and engage and nurture prospects and customers.

What makes me unique? I leverage my copywriting skills with my Fortune 500 industry experience—incorporating Best in Class practices and omnichannel marketing strategies with your team.

I apply Engagement Marketing techniques to direct response copy I write to help your business.

If any of this resonates with you, then I’d like to work with you. If you know you need more and better copywriting.

I’m a proven success with multiple consumer end-channels and products, including consumer package goods, retail, technology, Internet, Big Data incorporation, engagement marketing, mobile, mass market, DSD, direct marketing, grocery, food service, digital strategies, private label, manufacturing, distributor, wholesaler and distributor products, and more. I’ve marketed and sold some of the biggest brands in the world—and I keep learning new and smarter ways to help the businesses I work with… connect and grow.

With me, you get more than copywriting. I’m professional and highly competitive, so I measure myself on your results. I have a strong track record for getting results, too. So you get my Fortune 500 consumer product expertise—and my marketing/sales consulting background—all rolled in one package.

Because I sincerely want to help you.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been a marketer. It’s in my DNA. After all, I grew up in the consumer product world. My father was a marketer. He worked for Folgers Coffee for 37 years and was one of the creators of Mrs. Olson. Remember her? The ‘60s commercial diva who coached women on how to make the best cup of coffee.

Well, he raised me to be a consumer product marketer… a strategist. However, I’m also a storyteller who loves writing.

A young (some may say sassy) entrepreneur, instead of a lemonade stand, I used to sell goodies to neighborhood kids. I’d wheel my wagon through the neighborhood, selling pet rocks, homemade Williy Wanka chocolate bars, and customized shampoos. (Shampoo I’d invent by mixing together inches from my five sisters’ sudsy bottles.) I shimmied our weeping willow tree to write poetry. Neighborhood kids used to ring our doorbell, asking my mom, “Can Janice come out and tell us story?”

Seems I’ve always been torn between marketing and writing.

So I’ve done a lot of things in my life and career. Yes, I’ve worked for and with the biggest and best companies in the world. I’ve helped make, market, and sell products around the globe. But I’m also a published writer of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for literary journals, magazines, and newspapers. A creative business junky.

Sounds like a copywriter, right? Someone who should focus all her passion on helping businesses by writing copy that moves people… And that’s what I’ve been doing. Writing copy to help businesses grow.

Because what I really love doing is figuring out that strategy to help you surpass your goals. My role is… writing the copy.

I help you grow revenue, engage consumers, and build your businesses by writing your strategic copy.

You have new challenges today in your business. Consumer buying behaviors have changed—with cloud technology, mobile, and Big Data bursting onto the scene. Engagement and Omnichannel Marketing are a must… Right now.

You have increased pressure to create content to drive traffic and generate leads. Not only do you have to connect with prospects and close sales, but you have to keep connecting with your customers.

If you’re not there, wherever, whenever, however your customers want you to be, you’ll get left behind. You need to do everything you can to step it up—and keep stepping it up—right now, fast.

That’s why I’m here… I write sales and marketing copywriting to help you generate more and better leads, nurture relationships, and capture profitable growth.

And it’s quite likely I should be part of your team.

Call me right now, will you? Or fill out the form below and I’d be glad to call you.

Hope we’ll be chatting soon. Thanks for dropping in.


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