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Copywriting Clients and Fortune 500 Experience

I have worked with a multitude of Fortune 500’s, midsize, and entrepreneurial companies. This is only a partial list, though I’ve tried to give you a good selection of who my clients are.

Let me know if you’re wondering if I’ve helped anyone with a product or service like yours. I probably have. They just may not be listed. However, I’d be glad to discuss your project with you and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

The companies I’ve worked with are listed below in alphabetical order. I don’t show favoritism. Every client is just as important as the next. And I mean that.


Leading convenience store retailer, engagement marketing, B2B, B2C

Leading supermarket chain, engagement marketing, B2B, B2C

Allegro Coffee Company
Coffee company, wholesale, retailers, food service, engagement marketing, B2B, B2C

Asheville Area Arts Council
Non-profit, arts and artists, grants, fund-raising, B2B, B2C

Direct mail, direct marketing, vitamins/minerals/supplements, health products, B2B, B2C

BioEnergy Nutrients
Direct mail, B2C, catalog, vitamins/minerals/supplements, joint pain, B2B, B2C

Brand Partners
Private label, nutraceutical boosts, manufacturing, B2B

International, Direct mail, direct marketing,vitamins/minerals/supplements, B2B, B2C

Leading pharmacy retailer, B2B, B2C

f’real foods
Authentic milkshakes, smoothies, and frozen cappuccino blended frozen beverages; retail, food service; B2B, B2C

Leader of snack foods, sodas, retail sales, direct store delivery (DSD), food service, B2B, B2C

Goddess in the Corner Office
Information products, self-help, inspirational, engaement marketing, B2C

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover
Cleaning products, retail sales, mass market, B2B

HealthSmart Vitamins
Direct mail, catalog, vitamins/minerals/supplements, pet products, kids’ vitamins, B2C

Leading food chain, B2B, B2C

Leader in wine and spirits, retail sales, wholesale sales, distributor, restaurants and food service, B2B, B2C

Jamba Juice
Leading restaurant retailer of better-for-you food and beverage offerings, retail, food service, B2B, B2C

Johnson & Johnson/ McNeil CPC
Leader in over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, consumer products, B2B, B2C

Keller Williams
Real estate leader, lead generation and engagement marketing, B2C and B2B

Outward Hound
Pet products, pet games, play and sport; retail sales, engagement marketing, and investment capital; B2B

Marketing software & solutions; lead generation and engagement marketing; B2B

Persnickety Properties
Real estate investments, B2C

Pet House Candles
Pet category, retail sales, pet stores and specialty, B2B, B2C

Direct mail, direct marketing,vitamins/minerals/supplements, physicians, chiropractors, B2B, B2C

Leader in food manufacturing and consumer products, retail sales, wholesale sales, distributor, brokers, B2B, B2C

Leading grocery chain; B2B, B2C

Your Product in Stores Now!
Information products, consulting, coaching, engagment and ominichannel marketing, B2B

Whole Foods Market
Leading natural and organic foods supermarket chain, private label, engagement marketing, B2B, B2C

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