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My Passion Is Helping My Clients Grow Their Businesses

Here’s What They Say About My Copywriting and Marketing Expertise…

Just a few favorite (and funny) snippets. I’d be happy to provide more if you want them…

“Janice is a consumer product and marketing expert. She partnered with me and my team early on to help put strategies, processes, and marketing in place to help us re-invent ourselves and take our business to the next level. She especially helped us by writing engagement marketing pieces, customer correspondence and sales presentations. Fast forward three years, as a result we’ve experienced rapid growth and brought on new investment capital. I recommend Janice to any company that wants marketing and management expertise.”

Kyle Hansen

Outward Hound

“Janice is a gifted copywriter and marketer. Thanks to her, we’re generating more and better leads and making more sales. Each new customer pays off ten times. She’s written landing pages, engagement content, and case studies. Now we’re developing niche, direct mail pieces. She has real experience and real ideas… Finally! Marketing that really produces results…”

Lucia Duecy

Keller Williams

“Janice is a pleasure to work with in every way. She is that rare breed of content creator… (She) is professional but also flexible, a self-starter but also a team-player. Her reliability, good communication, and talent as a writer make her a valuable addition to our content team.”

Alexis Wisniewski


“Janice has a special knack for understanding what customers want and helping us connect with them. She’s the unicorn of marketers and copywriters—unique, hard-to-find, and effective. Our response rate has increased over 300%. We obviously couldn’t be more pleased. Consider yourself lucky if she’s part of your team, but don’t get comfortable. We plan to hog her for ourselves.”

Angelica E

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