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Complete Copywritng and Marketing Services

Here is a list of services that I personally provide.


Though I’ve been consulting for a long time, this is where I’m strategically focusing most of my efforts right now. That’s because I’ve found my knowledge and know-how makes the most impact for companies when they focus their efforts on marketing strategies that include great copywriting. Here are my specialties:

Direct response, digital strategies, long and short sales letters, landing pages, website copywriting, email campaigns, sales funnels, direct mail, customer value optimization, banner ads, white papers, video scripts, taglines… I’ve done it all.

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Most companies call me because they need help. Right now. Fresh eyes, sure—but, more importantly, they need someone with depth and breadth of experience. Whether you’d like to spend a few hours with me or work with me long term, I can radically change your perspective… And your business. I’ll work with you and your team to increase sales and incorporate cutting-edge marketing tactics, including your digital strategies that incorporates great copywriting.

My goal is to revolutionize your profits. I bring you Fortune 500 best practices coupled with real world know-how.

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My speaking falls into three categories: Sales Training, Copywriting, and Marketing Strategies.

I’ve spoken to small teams and crowds of thousands. My schedule is busy (like all of us, right) so I typically only speak for clients that I’m working with on a long-term basis.

And if you need or want me to sell products or services from the stage, I enjoy that. I’ve sold thousands (and millions) with my presentations.

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WordPress Web Design

I’ve been designing WordPress websites since 2008 and have created over 100 websites. I work with clients who want to drastically impact their growth. My designs include copywriting that is geared to generate leads, convert prospects, build relationships, and grow revenues. If the project is larger, I bring in one of my team members who specializes in web development.

When you need explosive growth — and you want your website to employ direct marketing tactics — incorporate direct response copywriting. It makes all the difference in the world to your top and bottom line.

Which services are right for you? 

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During your session, we can discuss your business and I can evaluate your needs. That will help me identify key profit leverage points and opportunities — and how I can best help you.

My specialty is finding opportunity gaps and growing customer lifetime value.

I help companies quickly identify those opportunities.

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