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Website Copywriting and WordPress Website Development

More and more businesses are asking me to develop their websites. I love doing that work, and I’ve created over 100 websites now.

My specialty is direct response websites.

What exactly does that mean? That means I write the copy people use on their websites to build relationships and grow revenue. My focus is on increasing customer lifetime value for you.

You’ve probably poked around enough on my website to understand what my copywriting can do to grow your business. The difference can and will be dramatic.

People call me when they need a website that attracts leads, converts prospects, and makes sales.

Because they need a direct response website.

My team can design your WordPress website from end to end.

With great copywriting on your website, you can incorporate digital strategies. Savvy direct response copywriting with beautiful, functional, strategy-focused WordPress websites.

I incorporate direct response copywriting in everything I do. That means I focus on building relationships with your consumers and generating revenue for your company. That includes Fortune 500 strategies and consumer insights.

And cutting-edge digital strategies.

Our websites focus on optimizing customer value.

What makes me unique, and different from, most copywriters is my heavy Fortune 500 experience coupled with direct response strategies. That also includes my WordPress website development experience. With me you get it all. Strategy. Focus. Know-how.

I write your copy, and one of my team members can develop your entire website.

With my coding experience, I know what they’re doing and why. But as busy as I am with copywriting, I don’t usually do the development and coding for my clients, unless it’s a smaller project.

We’re not the right fit for you if you want ecommerce that sells hundreds or thousands of items from your websites. But if you want direct response copywriting incorporated into your digital strategy, your website, and maybe even tie-in with print marketing too, contact me.

We’re particularly interested in helping you create websites that generate leads, build relationships, and convert customers.

One of my team members will develop your direct response website. And you save money when I write your direct response copy as we incorporate your new copywriting throughout your website. That will save you thousands!

Here are some of the questions I’m asked most often about my website services…


Funny you should ask. Frankly, I wandered into this field. In the late 90’s, Whole Foods decided to venture onto the Internet and world wide web. And I was the president of those companies. We employed over 100 developers, incorporated it with a 500-seat call center, and it (almost) took off. That’s another story for another day…

When I decided to leave the corporate world, I created my first WordPress website with the help of a developer. That was back in 2008. I sold my information product on the Internet — which quickly became a six-figure business. And I went on to create another 25 or so WordPress websites for my own businesses.

Since then, I’ve helped create over 100 websites end-to-end (including this one).

When it’s a bigger project, one of my team members will take over the development. (I’m way too picky, i.e. slower than them.) In our WordPress websites, we employ copywriting techniques, of course — and I write the direct response copy.

My website copywriting specialties are direct response landing pages, sales letters, sales funnels, email campaigns, squeeze pages, special reports, PPC ads, taglines, and just about everything to do with copywriting for the web.

I’ve done some pretty cool stuff for lots of companies to help them build relationships and grow revenue on the web.


Back in the 90’s, everything was custom-coded. I know. I helped Whole Foods boot up mongo websites under the umbrella. and many others. Web delivery websites, and websites focused on health, natural and organic food and products, travel, lifestyle, etc. That venture took 100’s of coders, developers, IT experts, designers, copywriters, and on and on.

It was hard. It took a lot of time. And a whole bunch of money.

And when things broke, which they always did back then, it was painful.

I learned my lesson.

What I like about … and want my clients to have … is personal power.

WordPress gives you the ability to edit, change things around, and keep adding, without including me or anyone else. I like that for myself, and I like that for you. It saves you time and a lot of money.

I’ve been creating WordPress websites since 2008. And I’ve created over 100 websites now. I regularly attend WordCamps, WordPress monthly meetings, and support WordPress fully.

WordPress is all about collaboration and creativity. So am I.

Though my developers may do some custom coding, I prefer that we stick mostly to WordPress.

So my answer is simple. WordPress gives you Power. I want that for you. It’s worked for me for years. WordPress is savvy. It’s creative. It’s beautiful. It’s functional and clean. And it’s growing bigger and even better all the time.

And a WordPress website saves you money.

Sounds good to most of us.


If you are a business that reaches out to consumers or other businesses, chances are I already have experience dealing with your product or service — either in your category directly or something similar.

Here are just some of the industries I’ve designed websites for: information products, consumer products, retailers, nutraceuticals, pet products, personal development, non-profits, business opportunities, food, natural and organic products, real estate agents and developers, and many small businesses.

Rest assured that I only work with organizations and businesses that I feel I can fiscally help. Frankly, that’s why I’ve been so successful. I believe in what I sell — I’m passionate about providing value for my clients— and I stick with what I do best.


I cover a broad spectrum for websites.

More and more clients are asking me to build their entire websites because they want call to action copywriting and cutting-edge digital strategies. I always oversee every website development and create all the copywriting, but one of my team members whose specialty is developing websites will most-likely step in to develop your website.

My focus is on strategy, design, and direct response copywriting. Think short and long sales letter, landing pages, squeeze pages, call to action content, video sales letters, email campaigns, web content to build relationships with your customers, sales funnels, special reports, white papers, customer value optimization, PPC ads, etc.

I love it when my clients incorporate digital strategies. That’s smart.

Often I’m also asked to create marketing communications materials that tie-in with websites too, including brochures, taglines, ads, feature articles, slide presentations, telemarketing scripts, press releases, newsletters, speeches, web pages, and other Internet based campaigns.

My special knack is being able to understand your business quickly… And help you grow.

Clients know that I can sit down with top executives, marketing managers, sales teams, business owners, techies, creative talent, and anyone that works with you. I can speak their language. Because I’ve been there.

Though I can’t predict how many responses my direct response website will pull for you — so much will depend on what you do, your products or services, your list, and your offerings — but I can promise you that I can help you get results.

And I guarantee your satisfaction with our websites and copywriting you receive from me.


I only do website consulting for clients that I’ve either built a long-term relationship with or we’re building one. However, if I write your copy, that includes you. My consulting tends to tie-in with my clients’ digital strategies and copywriting (or website) needs.

It’s not my thing, however, to just give you pointers on your website, unless I’m working with you on a larger project. Then, of course, I’ll give you savvy strategies. Free.

I’d be happy to speak with you about your needs.


I keep abreast of the industry. That means I’m always checking around and learning new, clever ways to help you stretch your budget. You know great websites require an investment – but they can also pay off fast. (One of my clients just told me the website I created for her started getting leads within 24-hours; one new client will make back her investment ten times).

And some of my clients save tens of thousands of dollars when I convert them to a WordPress website. There are a lot of businesses out there who will try to sell you on their SEO, advertising, or web services– and “give” you a website. Some of my clients are paying over $10,000 per year for those “all-inclusive” websites.

And I’ll be honest with you. Quite often, though not always, they look cheap. Often I discover that their website doesn’t have flexibility or customization. They’re one-page templates.

You can get more with your own WordPress website — one that you control.

And those agreements can cost you tens of thousands of dollars a year, much more over the lifetime of your contract. Please don’t be reeled in.

I help my clients take back their control.

And here’s even more good news… This is what makes my services really unique: When I create your copywriting, and incorporate it throughout your websites, your new website becomes a whole lot more affordable. You don’t pay for a direct response copywriter, plus a web developer, plus a web designer. You pay one price. For expertise and singular attention.

Let me know what you have in mind, and I’ll quote you a price.

Before I begin any project – or quote a fee – I spend time with you to understand your needs. I like to know how your project fits into your overall goals and mission, and envision how my services can give you maximum results.

My purpose is to increase your revenue and grow your business. I can only do that — and will only accept projects — if I understand what you want to accomplish and feel I can help you. (I’m really not in this just for the money.)

When we discuss your investment in my services, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. I don’t change my prices. I deliver what I say I will, when I say I will, and for how much I quote.

You can rest assured that I will clearly understand your project. I’ll know what needs to happen for you to achieve success. And I want to be part of you achieving that.


Of course. I want to help you be successful, so our agreement always includes changes for the first 30 days after you go live. (Understandably, that’s only for the design we created for you.)

What that means is we might find some slight glitches or typos. There will be some. No matter how hard we try, we can’t anticipate everything. And though I’ve proofread over 1,000,000 words by now – and paid professional proofreaders thousands – there seems to always be slight editing needed.

You may not like the color. Or the way something is worded. Slight changes aren’t difficult for us.

We do that.

Let me be upfront, though… If you want specific changes that weren’t in your original design, that will mean an additional investment. We’re fair people, though. We want you to succeed. And we’ll do everything we can to help you.

And if you want ongoing support — after the first 30 days — so you can call us anytime about your website, we can include that in our agreement for a reasonable fee.

I’m not going anywhere. I promise you. Your satisfaction and success truly are important to me.


The list of companies I’ve worked with — and brands and services I’ve helped grow — is extensive. My list includes some of the greatest companies in the world, such as Johnson & Johnson, Pillsbury, Heublein (now Diageo), Frito-Lay/PepsiCo, and Whole Foods Market.

In my career, I have worked with thousands of retailers — biggies like Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, Target, CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and specialty stores and moms and pops. I’ve stomped into the office of just about every major retailer you can think of. I’ve worked with Jamba Juice to Subway. Real estate companies to non-profits.

I’ve worked internationally, too, with businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, England, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, and France.

I’ve created websites for numerous businesses, small and mid-sized companies.

You can see a list of some of the companies I’ve worked with by clicking here. If you’d like examples of our websites, just let me know. For privacy and competitive reasons, we don’t publish our clients’ website on ours.

Check with me, though, and I’ll supply you with testimonials from happy clients if that’s important to you. And when we develop your website, and I write for you, maybe you’ll be kind enough to give me one without me remembering to ask you.


That depends. Until I know the parameters of your project and what your specific needs are, I won’t know. Be assured, however, I won’t accept a project if I can’t do it in the timeframe you need.

The first thing I’ll need to do is discuss your website strategy with one of my developers. Usually, I’ll need to write the copy before he or she gets started. I always factor in enough time for research, strategy, creating, writing, re-writing, polishing, developing, designing, and re-working until I’m satisfied with every word and every web page. That sounds longer than it takes me or us. However, your satisfaction is very important to me and all of us.

Sometimes, you need projects finished fast. I understand.

I have my own team of developers that I work with. Our developers have full schedules, but we pride ourselves on moving fast. If you have a rush job for a website, like days, we’re not your team. We can do them fast, and sometimes within a few weeks for a real rush job. Just let me know. I always accommodate my long-term clients first. But if I can make it work within our schedule, I certainly will.

If I take on your project, I do guarantee you will have your website by the deadline we agree on – or sooner. You can depend on me.


Of course I revise my copy. I love it when people love my work, right off the bat, but it’s completely understandable if you need changes. All you have to do is tell me what you want improved and what the changes are, and I’ll make them … fast.

I can do them on the website myself. That’s also why I used WordPress, because I’m very experienced with it.

There is NO CHARGE for rewriting. Revisions are included in the flat fee we’ve agreed on for the assignment, provided they are assigned within 30 days of your receipt of the copywriting and are not based on a change in the assignment.

My clients are typically pleased with my strategies and copywriting services. But if you are not 100 percent satisfied, I will revise your copy according to your specific guidelines … and at my expense.

For websites, we absolutely make changes. Sometimes a color’s not what you wanted. Or there’s something small you need to add. Website changes (that don’t veer from the original spec) are included for the first 30 days.

We can’t make major changes on your website by then, of course. All my developers would throw up their hands and head for the mountains. But we can tweak. And if it’s slight, I’ll even do it myself.


Absolutely. Here’s how it works.

We will discuss how much time you’ll need based on your website skills. Most of our clients understand what they can do in a WordPress website within an hour or two. Then, before your website goes live, either your developer or I will personally explain to you exactly how to work your WordPress website.

That means you can take control…. Fast. And do some tweaking when you want to later.

We deliver you a fully-finished, beautiful product. But, I know, sometimes you’ve just got to tweak. I’m the same way.

WordPress is incredible, because you can add content, change things here or there, and start being in charge of your brand. No more fees. No more extensive development or design. No more worrying you can’t make changes.

You will likely keep the website we design for you for years.

Stop paying too much, please. I beg you. Call me. Let us help you.

We’re also developing some on-going web training, via videos and webinars, so ask me about that if you’re interested.


Putting me to work for you is simple. Call or write me. We’ll talk.

First, I’ll ask you to tell me about your product or service, or the cause you’re focused on. We’ll discuss your target market. I’ll want to know where you are now with your business — and where you want to be.

If I can help you — and we’re a good fit for each other — I’ll need you to send me your materials, like your old website content and website links to competitors’ you admire, sales letters, brochures, catalogs, maybe even a sample product, any website designs you love, and any literature that will give me insight into your product or service, your customer base and prospects, and your competition.

You’ll give me background information so I can develop a customized strategy for you. One that’s based on your competitive market. Then I’ll write your direct response copy, and we’ll design a beautiful, functional WordPress website. All to satisfy your needs — and grow your business.

You can send me a big, hot mess of information if you’d like to. It won’t bother me. I’ll organize it. And if I have any questions, I’ll pick up the phone or send you an email and ask.

When you give me the go-ahead, and have paid your 50% deposit, I’ll write the assignment for you. Before long, you’ll receive your website, loaded with rich direct-response copywriting, on or before the deadline date.

You will also have this guarantee from me: you will be pleased, or I’ll re-write your copy.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

I hope we’ll be working together soon… Let us help you create a website you can be proud of, one that actually attracts customers, connects with them, and sells. A website that you control.

Put me to work as your direct response copywriter for your landing pages, sales letters, email campaigns, special reports, white papers, mailings, or brochures. Let us create your website build out. I promise you’ll be delighted with the results.

Best to you,

Janice Lierz

P.S. Contact me right now in the form below. Give me a brief description of the project, and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours (or sooner). There’s no charge to discuss your job with me. Or for me to give you a cost estimate. And there’s certainly no obligation to hire me. Contact me today though. My schedule fills up fast.

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